Autopsy Services

  A complete and thorough autopsy is a complex medical procedure requiring an enormous amount of time and effort, and professional expertise. It requires Diener, Pathology Assistant, Pathologist and a Histology Laboratory to prepare tissue slides and do special studies if required.

  Autopsies are performed in a hospital/medical setting not at a funeral home. Stamford Hospital's autopsy suites are specially designed for this purpose.

Scheduling an Autopsy:Please call Dr. Babkowski directly at (203)-807-2412.

*We do not perform autopsies on exhumed bodies.

Autopsy Cost:

*You should be aware that autopsies are not covered by insurance.

Full Autopsy costs $3,800. This includes neuropathology workup (brain and spine) and detailed study of all the other organs. If the cost of full autopsy is too high, focused autopsies can be done to target only specific areas of the body and to answer specific questions:

  • Chest-Only: $1500
  • Abdomen-Only: $1500
  • Chest and Abdomen: $2800
  • Brain-Only: $1500

SPG's autopsy services are distinguished by the following:

  • The autopsy is performed at a proper medical facility and autopsy room designed for this purpose (not a funeral home)
  • Autopsies are performed by Dr. Babkowski, former Deputy Medical Examiner in Rochester, NY and Dr. Klineman, Director of Autopsy and Neuropathology at Stamford Hospital
  • A board certified Neuropathologist evaluates all brains and spinal cords
  • Tissue is processed for histologic evaluation at a CLIA certified, CAP accredited hospital laboratory using state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff
  • All autopsies include a full histological sampling of the organs, photographs to document the disease process, and additional studies as needed to prove the diagnoses and observations made.
  • 6 subspecialty pathologists are available for input on the case
  • After the autopsy is completed (including histologic evaluation), and a report is generated, a 45 minute consultation by phone or in-person is provided to the family members

Body Transport:

Transportation of bodies is arranged by the funeral home chosen by the family. Associated costs are in addition to the autopsy cost. These costs are payable to your funeral home of choice.